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« Friday November 09, 2012 »
Start: 7:00 pm
    As the days grow shorter and nights longer, head in to winter with new books that explore and celebrate the natural wonders of the world! Join Village Books and North Cascades Institute in welcoming Institute instructors to Bellingham to share their latest works in the winter session of our Nature of Writing Series. You'll learn more about our amazing planet through the inspiring, informed voices of America's most gifted interpreters of the natural world. From the author of the award-winning bestseller The Collector comes David Douglas, a Naturalist at Work. This gorgeous hardcover volume delves into the Pacific Northwest explorations of celebrated botanist David Douglas. During a meteoric career that spanned from 1825 to 1834, Douglas made the first systematic collections of flora and fauna over many parts of the greater Pacific Northwest. Despite his early death, colleagues in Great Britain attached the Douglas name to more than 80 different species, including the iconic timber tree of the region. David Douglas, a Naturalist at Work is a colorfully illustrated collection of essays that examines various aspects of Douglas's career, demonstrating the connections between his work in the Pacific Northwest of the 19th century and the place we know today. From the Columbia River's perilous bar to luminous blooms of mountain wildflowers; from ever-changing frontiers of technology to the quiet seasonal rhythms of tribal families gathering roots, these essays collapse time to shed light on the people and landscapes as David Douglas first saw them. Jack Nisbet is a teacher, naturalist, and nonfiction writer who focuses on the intersection of human and natural history in the Pacific Northwest. His award-winning books include the essay collection Visible Bones, the short stories of Purple Flat Top, and treatments of contact-era explorers David Thompson (Sources of the River) and David Douglas (The Collector). Read about Jack's favorite nature books & poems over at the Village Books Blog. 
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