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« Tuesday December 04, 2012 »
Start: 7:00 pm
Jan was 61-years-old when a 52-year-old Russian physicist walked into her life and catapulted her into a wild dance that rattled her sensible foundations and changed her life forever.  Jan Pierson's memoir chronicles her cross-cultural marriage and journey into primitive Russia, launching two lovers on a spirited dance familiar to men and women of every age and culture who struggle against obstacles and iron curtains because they still believe in Destiny, and dare to risk everything in order to find it. Jan (Crook) Pierson, a freelance writer and author of 11 books was born and raised in Bellingham.  She holds a BA in Psychology and Criminal Justice from the Evergreen State College and is a former writing instructor with the Institute of Children's Literature.   Two of her books have been published and translated in Europe and her freelance magazine articles have appeared in Arizona Highways and American Style Magazine.  Prohibition, Prostitution and Presbyterian Pews, an outrageous, irreverent and heartwarming collection of early Washington State history will be released soon. Jan now resides in Olympia.
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