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« Saturday December 08, 2012 »
Start: 11:00 am
End: 6:00 pm
    Join us this holiday season for photos with the Grinch. Come have your picture taken with the Grinch in our Readings Gallery. Photos will be taken by local photographer Tim Chandonnet and are $10 for a disc with your digital images.
Start: 7:00 pm
    Join us for a free author event at Book Fare Café with local author Noble Smith for his new book, The Wisdom of the Shire: A Short Guide to a Long and Happy Life, which comes just in time for the movie release of Peter Jackson's adaptation J.R.R. Tolkien's, The Hobbit. How can simple pleasures like gardening, taking long walks, and eating delicious meals with friends make you significantly happier? Why is the act of giving presents on your birthday instead of getting them such a revolutionary idea? And how can we carry the burden of our own “magic ring of power” without becoming devoured by it? Noble Smith's The Wisdom of the Shire: A Short Guide to a Long and Happy Life holds the answers to these questions. In the tradition of the best-selling The Tao of Pooh, Noble Smith sheds a light on the life-changing ideas tucked away inside J.R.R. Tolkien's classic novels, revealing how a snug Hobbit hole is actually just a state of mind, and that even the smallest person can have the valor of a Rider of Rohan. In chapters such as "Bearing The Burden Of Your Ring," "Eat Like A Brandybuck, Drink Like A Took," and "Your Own Personal Gollum," The Wisdom of the Shire explores subjects dear to a Halfling's heart like beer, food, and friendship, as well as more serious concerns such as courage, living in harmony with nature, and good versus evil. With hundreds of millions of copies of Tolkien's works in print and Peter Jackson's film adaptations continuing to build a whole new fan base, Noble Smith has created a self-help guide that will appeal to legions of devotees of Middle-earth. Noble Smith is an award-winning playwright who has worked as a video game writer, a documentary film executive producer and the media director of an international human rights foundation. He lives in Bellingham with his wife and children, and spends his time writing at the Book Fare Cafe. Check out his blog at, read his "13 Life Lessons from the Hobbit" on the HuffingtonPost, and read this interview with Noble on Wired (and part two of the interview).
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