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« Saturday January 12, 2013 »
Start: 4:00 pm
    Neil Sogge's translation of Ole Juul's book captures the romanticism that shone like the last lights of civilization in the Dark Age of Hitler's regime that reigned in a pall over Europe. The story is based on Danish freedom fighter prisoner, Michael Lans, who has memories of his love interest, Ruth, his sabotage operation, his wounding, and his capture. Befriended by a guard named Steinz, Michael still faces torture from a bellicose Nazi interrogator, though he remains recalcitrant to the end. The Red Meadows shows how Europe, through the metaphor of the story's character, deserved life and liberty in the end. After the war, this unconquerable spirit was the only thing left that was strong enough to serve Europe on its hard road to recovery. Neil Sogge was born and raised in western South Dakota. He graduated from South Dakota State University in 1985, and on graduate school level received a Masters of Library Science in 1990 from University of California, Los Angeles and an English Masters at Western Washington University in 1995. Later he enrolled in Long Ridge Writer's Group on a correspondence basis and completed the coursework in 2008. Scandinavian languages and their translation is a passion. He lives in Bellingham.
Start: 7:00 pm
  Eliza's Journal is a beautifully illustrated young adult novel that tells the story of one teenage girl's summer of mystery and self-discovery on Orcas Island. Eliza Wolcott has been sent by her parents to live with her aunt and uncle for the summer on the small community of Orcas Island. What she imagines to be a fun-in-the-sun vacation quickly turns into a season of assuming responsibility as she is forced by her uncle to get a summer job. Eliza uses her talent as an artist and applies to be a "natural history illustrator" for the local eccentric Orville Tanner. She documents her time on the island by writing and drawing in her journal, which is the format of the novel itself. Pen and ink illustrations add to the mystery and beauty of this debut book by author Caelyn AB Williams.   Debut writer Caelyn AB Williams was born in Oregon and currently lives near Olympia, Washington. She's had a lifelong interest in paleontology, zoology, and particularly Orcas Island in the Puget Sound. She enjoys drawing in her spare time.
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