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« Sunday January 20, 2013 »
Start: 11:30 am
End: 1:00 pm
      The Socratic Dialogue is a search for truth by questioning, probing, defining terms and clarifying meanings of important, complex questions. Any participant may propose a question to be discussed using the Socratic dialogue. One question is chosen for discussion during each session. The resulting discussion provides an opportunity to improve our individual and collective skills of civil discourse. We invite you to join in.  The group meets in the Readings Gallery every first and third Sunday from 11:30 am to 1 pm.
Start: 4:00 pm
  Evonne Agnello’s book, Shaking Shame from Mental Illness, is a message of hope for anyone who has suffered from depression or trauma, or known someone who has. The suicide of her father hit Evonne hard, but when her brother followed suit four years later, she wondered if fate would send her along the same path. With sensitivity, Evonne explores mental illness from both sides, within the mind of the sufferer and of those watching the one suffering, and sends hope for all. She shows that depression is highly treatable and manageable and need not poison your life. One can emerge from the depths of despair and find reasons to dance in the sun. Evonne Agnello wrote newspaper stories about other people for thirty years before retiring to write her own story and first book, Shaking Shame from Mental Illness. As an advocate of mental illness awareness, she is a member of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and is available for talks, interviews, book readings and signings. She has traveled in every US state and more than thirty foreign countries. 
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