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« Saturday January 26, 2013 »
Start: 4:00 pm
  Get ready to meet some truly wonderful wild animals from every continent on Earth. As children turn the pages of Care For Our World, they'll encounter dozens of playful creatures in their natural habitats and will learn about the importance of caring for all the plants, animals, and people that call planet Earth their home. Care for Our World is a timely reminder of the responsibility every generation shares; to nurture and respect life in all its many forms.   Karen Robbins has found that children and stories are her passion and purpose. As a former teacher and environmental education consultant, she has always worked to share her love of the planet with people of all ages. Karen lives in Seattle, where she enjoys designing and writing books, stories, and poems for kids. She is the mother of four amazing sons and grandmother of five gifted grandchildren. Karen cares for our world and all living creatures, even the slippery slugs!
Start: 7:00 pm
Did you ever have a dream you wished you had followed up on? Author Johannes F. Lisiecki did.  In Following a Dream he describes the fulfillment of a childhood vision of travel and friendship. "As I grew into adulthood I held onto my dream, determined not to lose it to the elusive promise of Someday." Packing up his van & a trailer, Lisiecki embarked on a 43,000 mile journey through 20 countries of the Americas, calling it "The International Friendship Expedition" of the Americas. Now, in Following a Dream, he shares his story. Johannes F. Lisiecki is writer, adventurer, and member of Rotary International. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.
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