Used Book Buying Program--REadCYCLE

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About half of our stock is new books; the remaining half is split between used and sale books. You'll find these discounted items throughout the store mixed together on our shelves alongside and in between new books. Used books are identified by a blue or green dot sticker on the spine and a blue or green price sticker on the cover. Sale books will have a yellow dot on the spine and a yellow price sticker on the cover.

We buy used books everyday from noon till 6:00 pm at the counter on the lowest level of our store. Books can also be dropped off at the used book counter anytime our store is open. We'll just take your name and phone number and we'll call when we've assessed your books. 

In making our selection, condition is of primary importance, as well as how current the book is, and what our stock level looks like. Our needs can change almost daily, and it is necessary for us to physically see a book before we'll consider buying it.

Once we determine what we can use, and how it will be priced, the seller will receive fifty percent of our price in the form of a Village Books/Paper Dreams credit gift card. Sellers also have the option of leaving the books we can't use for the Friends of the Library, who pick up donations daily.

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