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Magic Delivery (Hardcover)

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Nick is a natural born businessman. His schoolmates think he's a heartless hustler, but secretly he's just trying to earn money to help his mother, who works two jobs. Eager to be part of the popular circle, Nick wheedles an invitation to Hayley's upcoming Halloween party by agreeing to get her the answers to a test. His goofy friend Burger wants to be part of the deal too, and he nearly blows it for Nick, but desperate Hayley finally caves. Nick and Burger are riding home high on their success--even on their old, beat-up bikes--when they see a delivery van careen off the side of the road.

Product Details ISBN-10: 1423165977
ISBN-13: 9781423165972
Published: Disney-Hyperion
Pages: 288

The Prophet of Yonwood (Compact Disc)

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It’s 50 years before the settlement of the city of Ember, and the world is in crisis. War looms on the horizon as 11-year-old Nickie and her aunt travel to the small town of Yonwood, North Carolina. There, one of the town’s respected citizens has had a terrible vision of fire and destruction. Her garbled words are taken as prophetic instruction on how to avoid the coming disaster. If only they can be interpreted correctly. . . .

As the people of Yonwood scramble to make sense of the woman’s mysterious utterances, Nickie explores the oddities she finds around tow

Product Details ISBN-10: 0739331094
ISBN-13: 9780739331095
Published: Listening Library (Audio)

The Mystery (Compact Disc)

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Just as Jaide and Jack Shield are settling into their crazy new lives in Portland, The Evil threatens another Ward, and the twins will need to put their growing powers to the test

Product Details ISBN-10: 1455821306
ISBN-13: 9781455821303
Published: Brilliance Corporation

Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street (Hardcover)

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Stephen King's "Favorite American Suspense Novelist" is launching a new series for middle graders

Robbie Forester always knew life wasn't fair, but she never thought she could do anything about it. Until one day a powerful charm comes into her possession, a charm that guides her, her three friends, and her dog Pendleton on the path to justice. But the charm doesn't seem to understand that the path has gotten dangerous, and Robbie and her friends find themselves in a menacing world of thievery, arson, big yachts, and even bigger bank accounts. Will Robbie and her band of thieves

Product Details ISBN-10: 0399255028
ISBN-13: 9780399255021
Published: Philomel
Pages: 320

Smells Like Dog (Paperback)

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Meet Homer Pudding, an ordinary farm boy who's got big dreams-to follow in the footsteps of his famous treasure-hunting uncle. But when Uncle Drake mysteriously disappears, Homer inherits two things: a lazy, droopy dog with no sense of smell, and a mystery.

Why would his uncle call this clumsy dog his "most treasured possession?" And why did he put a gold coin on the dog's collar?

And who will continue Uncle Drake's quest-to find the most coveted pirate treasure in the world?

Join Homer, his sister Gwendolyn, and Dog on an adventure that will test their wits

Product Details ISBN-10: 0316043974
ISBN-13: 9780316043977
Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Pages: 384

Wind on Fire Trilogy, The: Slaves of Mastery - Book Two (Paperback)

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The people of Aramanth are finally free of the Morah, the evil power that controlled them for generations. But a ruthless attack by soldiers from a distant land destroys the city, and its people are driven off as slaves. During the invasion, Kestrel and Bowman are separated for the first time in their lives. Bowman becomes a slave of the Mastery. Kestrel escapes, then sets off to avenge the enslavement of her family. As the twins embark on their parallel adventures, their mother's prophetic dreams reveal their true identity and their dangerous fate. Bowman's mind power and Kestrel's fierce

Product Details ISBN-10: 078681800X
ISBN-13: 9780786818006
Published: Disney-Hyperion
Pages: 464

UnSouled (Hardcover)

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The story that began with Unwind continues.

Connor and Lev are on the run after the destruction of the Graveyard, the last safe haven for AWOL Unwinds. But for the first time, they’re not just running away from something. This time, they’re running toward answers, in the form of a woman Proactive Citizenry has tried to erase from history itself. If they can find her, and learn why the shadowy figures behind unwinding are so afraid of her, they may discover the key to bringing down unwinding forever.

Cam, the rewound boy, is plotting to take down the organiz

Product Details ISBN-10: 1442423692
ISBN-13: 9781442423695
Published: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Pages: 416

Wildwood Imperium: The Wildwood Chronicles, Book III (Paperback)

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Product Details ISBN-10: 0062024760
ISBN-13: 9780062024763
Published: Balzer & Bray/Harperteen
Pages: 592

A Wrinkle in Time (Prebound)

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Product Details ISBN-10: 0756980135
ISBN-13: 9780756980139
Published: Perfection Learning

Among the Hidden (Prebound)

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Product Details ISBN-10: 0613236181
ISBN-13: 9780613236188
Published: San Val
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