Thu, 10/13/2011 - 6:30pm

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1200 11th St
98225-7015 Bellingham

Bill Beckwith, Managing Your Memory

Noted memory expert, Dr. Bill Beckwith provides an intriguing and understandable overview of how memory works and how to manage your memory and your future. He provides optimistic and practical ways to improve memory:

• Learn strategies to maximize memory at work as well as in everyday life
• Compassionately manage the course of those with progressive memory loss
• Sort through all of the false promises and hype and develop strategies that
• Have a more hopeful outlook on aging, the brain, and memory

This book is for anyone who has experienced senior moments or has been overwhelmed with information. Dr. Beckwith presents effective strategies for enhancing your memory. He clearly helps you distinguish between the changes from normal aging and memory loss. He focuses on ways you can improve your memory including the effects of memory aids, medications, supplements, emotions, and he gives you the tools to protect your memory, your lifestyle, and your future.

Bill Beckwith earned his BA with a major in Psychology at Bowling Green State University and his MA in Experimental Psychology and Ph. D in clinical Psychology from Ohio State University. Bill has not only won several teaching awards during his 30 plus years as a clinician and researcher but is a columnist and lectures extensively on improving memory. Dr. Beckwith has completed over 3,000 memory evaluations and has published more than 70 articles and co-edited three books.



Laurie Marshall, Stories from the Dust in the Corner

Stories from the Dust in the Corner is an exploration of the choices and experiences at life's end. Processing the death of her mother, Laurie Marshall tells stories using words and painted portraits of people coping with loss in rural Virginia, India, and Bosnia, as well as her own experience. She meditates on the common end of all human beings as "dust" and its ever-returning presence.

Laurie Marshall is a spiritual activist, artist, writer, educator, Quaker and mother. With a B.A. from Antioch College and an M.A. from Beacon College, she has focused for forty years on using art and storytelling as a healing and unifying force with people of all ages and walks of life, including children, elders, inmates, NASA, the Department of Interior and the Army Corps of Engineers. She is founder of and presently the Peace Coordinator of the Red Victorian Peace Center in San Francisco, California. She cared for both of her parents at the end of their lives.


Karen Stobbe, Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh

Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh is a book written for everyone in mind. It is easy to read, educational, light-hearted and good for the soul. As one nurse about this book, "It is a stress reducer and a spirits raiser. Every caregiver should read it."

Karen Stobbe was working as an actress, writer and director when her Dad, Manfred was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Since that time she has combined creativity and caregiving into her life's work. Her Mom, Virginia, was diagnosed one year after her Dad passed away. They all live an interesting life on the mountains of North Carolina.

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