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August's Just Write! 300 Words - Paragraph Prompt

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Writing prompt

It's time for another round of 300 Words (a paragraph prompt challenge featured in our monthly Just Write! enewsletter)! Read on to enjoy what creative words flowed from the leading sentence: 


"'Hello,' said the voice on the phone. 'My name is __________. I know you never expected a call from me, but I've been given your name as someone who can help me'"



From Patricia:

"'Hello,' said the voice on the phone. 'My name is Francetta. I know you never expected a call from me, but I've been given your name as someone who can help me'"

I gasped wishing my mouthful of coffee to not sputter or gulp loudly. Why was the matriarch of the influential Seattle restaurant calling me? Grasping for a confident response, “It is a pleasure to meet you by phone, how can I help you?"

Her breathing synchronized with fingernails tapping on the phone pushed a heavy sigh toward me as if releasing her burden. “My sister has just been diagnosed with ALS; Lou Gehrig’s disease. She is currently independent; however, as a close-knit Italian family we’ve met to outline her life plan.”

I found myself shaking my head, predicting to myself how this scenario would unfold, “Can you describe to me what your family has planned?” Her boastful voice drilled through the plan, “She will have a daily walking schedule, her cupboards will be re-arranged for her to reach her dishes, a monthly meal service has been arranged, and although she loves gardening we have hired a gardener. She loves the view of Lake Washington from her upstairs bedroom; however, we’re moving her bed downstairs to prevent stair falls.”

Without hesitation, I asked, “Did you sister have any input on all of these plans?"

“Well, no. She is dying.”

Melting my voice, “Francetta, there is no doubt your family meant well, but you have no right to control her life. She still has control and you cannot take that away from her. Invite your sister to another family meeting. Listen to her needs, and make it her journey.”

A stifling sob morphed into tiny sniffs, “You are right, we are wrong. I am forever grateful for this call.”


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Thinking back on the awesome astronomical event in August, what better source of inspiration for September? So for next month's prompt, let's finish - in 300 words or less - the line: 


"A chill radiated through my body as the moon slowly engulfed our sun, choking its rays and plunging the day into darkness."


Just email your original response to this line in 300 words or less to Abbie at by August 20th to make the next newsletter and blog post! 


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