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Successful Partnering: Fundamentals for Project Owners and Contractors (Hardcover)

Successful Partnering: Fundamentals for Project Owners and Contractors By Henry J. Schultzel, V. Paul Unruh Cover Image
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How to reap the enormous benefits of this dynamic newpractice


Fundamentals for Project Owners and Contractors

In the tightly budgeted and competitive business environment of the1990s, firms involved in construction projects can no longer (ifthey ever could) afford the suspicions, squabbles, and evenlitigation that have afflicted far too many projects. Thisenlightening book shows project owners, construction professionals, and others how to implement the recently developed practice ofpartnering as a more efficient, cost-effective, and far lessstressful way of planning, organizing, and completing constructionprojects. Adopted by such organizations as the Army Corps ofEngineers, its growing number of converts have reported fewerdelays and lawsuits and other benefits, including a morecooperative and focused work atmosphere. With this new book--theonly one of its kind currently available--practicing professionalswill gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of partneringand how to apply them to their construction projects.

Successful Partnering

It is a sad fact that as many as 70% of all construction projectswill result in some kind of litigious action and this, in turn, will result in enormous losses of money, time, and energy for allparties involved. In the hope of avoiding this debilitating drainon resources, many construction-related firms have adopted therecently developed practice of partnering. In partnering, allparticipants work together and accept joint responsibility for thecompletion of a project. Successful Partnering shows you how toinitiate and build partnering relationships in your projects, andhow, with a united management agenda, a construction team can focuson problem solving instead of fault finding.

Written by two recognized authorities on partnering, this uniqueguide takes you through the process of partnering, giving youinvaluable insights from the perspectives of principalparticipants. By examining the case studies and numerous examplesthat illuminate the text, you will learn from the inside what worksand what doesn't, and how to maximize your chances of establishinga successful partnering relationship. Specifically, this bookprovides insights on such important issues as:
* Why partnering is becoming a rapidly growing practice in theconstruction industry and what the benefits are for owners, construction contractors, architects, engineers, and others
* How to lay the foundation for partnering: testing for goodcontracts, good teaming, and good partnering
* The fundamental principles and mechanics of partnering, includingthe roles of the facilitator and the trainer
* Legal aspects of partnering
* The personal and group dynamics of partnering and how they affectcreative problem solving and efficiency

Successful Partnering is an indispensable guide to a practice thatis revolutionizing the way construction projects are beingorganized and completed. Written for all those involved in thecomplex work of construction--engineering, design, and constructionmanagers; as well as lawyers, accountants, and suppliers, Successful Partnering is a lucid introduction to an important newdevelopment in construction management.

About the Author

HENRY J. SCHULTZEL, CPA, CMC, is Partner in Charge and Chairman ofthe Engineering and Construction Consulting Practice of Coopers& Lybrand LLP. For over 27 years, Mr. Schultzel has workedextensively with many major engineering and construction firms, directing numerous large-scale engagements both in the U.S. andabroad. He has successfully implemented the concepts of partneringto achieve optimal performance in a broad range of industries. Mr.Schultzel studied engineering, accounting, and law. He is alicensed certified public accountant in California, New York, andLouisiana and a member of the American Institute of CertifiedPublic Accountants, the California and New York State Societies ofCertified Public Accountants, and the Institute of ManagementConsultants. V. PAUL UNRUH, CPA, is Senior Vice President, Chief FinancialOfficer, and Treasurer of the Bechtel Group, Inc., the BechtelCapital Management Corporation, and the principal operatingcompanies of the Bechtel Group. Since joining Bechtel in 1978, Mr.Unruh has served in a leadership role in several key initiativessupporting Bechtel's fundamental business strategies. Mr. Unruh isa licensed certified public accountant in California and NorthDakota and a member of the Financial Executives Institute, theAssociation for Systems Management, the Society of InternationalTreasurers, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the California and North Dakota Societies of Certified PublicAccountants.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780471114659
ISBN-10: 0471114650
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: February 1st, 1996
Pages: 179
Language: English