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Men, Women, and the Power of Empathy: You Can Really Connect with Him! (Paperback)

Men, Women, and the Power of Empathy: You Can Really Connect with Him! Cover Image
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Does this sound familiar: A woman in relationship with a man finds herself complaining that he can't just listen and try to understand her feelings and experience? During arguments, he acts like he's being attacked and tries to prove he's right with the "the facts?" When she's upset, he accuses her of over-reacting; when he's upset, he insists that nothing is wrong?

Don't give up. Men, Women, and the Power of Empathy breaks this painful stalemate. It helps you and your partner gain understanding and practical strategies to fully tap the benefits of an empathic connection. Working together, you will learn to let go of being "right"; avoid having to "fix it"; express "clean" anger; know more of what you feel; and care for your relationship as a separate entity.

Yes, men have difficulty grasping the entirety of empathy. When you both understand and respect his hidden vulnerabilities, what threatens and shames him, behind his defensive mask, you will find he can lower his guard and reveal the empathic person he is capable of being. As he does, you will experience more of the closeness you crave, bringing a powerful, lasting change to your relationship.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780595414925
ISBN-10: 0595414923
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: November 7th, 2006
Pages: 172
Language: English