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I Survived Pompeii: Hilarious Adventures In An Elementary School Library (Paperback)

I Survived Pompeii: Hilarious Adventures In An Elementary School Library Cover Image
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Rhonda Willford Eberst tells hilarious stories that capture the heart-warming moments and exasperating challenges educators face daily. Eberst turns her funny, entertaining, and often enlightening conversations with kids into adventures in everything from "Surviving the Gig" to "Discovering You Matter."

This book reminds librarians, teachers, and school administrators to laugh at their students, even when they might want to cry. Ultimately, this zany, loving librarian demonstrates the real difference that one educator can make in the quality and direction of a child's life by showing each student that she or he matters.

"I Survived Pompeii is a delightful glimpse into the magical world of learning that Rhonda creates inside her elementary school library. With each vignette, Eberst celebrates the brutal honesty and powerful intellect of her young students, all the while showcasing her own unique blend of self-deprecating humor, incisive social commentary, and pedagogical prowess. This wonderful book illustrates the myriad reasons that school libraries are unparalleled spaces for learning. It also demonstrates why school librarians must be extolled for the essential role they play in children's lives." -Kerry Dixon, PhD College of Education and Human Ecology, Ohio State University.

"I Survived Pompeii is a must have for educators and anyone who loves children. Rhonda Eberst has written insightful and hilarious stories wrapped in words of wisdom and compassion. You will laugh until your sides ache and shed a few tears, too, while learning how to share your heart with children." -Tammy Groezinger, Elementary School Teacher

"Rhonda Eberst finds true joy in working with kids. Through I Survived Pompeii, she reminds us to build genuine relationships with our students. Her ability to relate with students is a model for all educators as they embark on their own journey each day. Whether Mrs. Eberst is explaining how to solve the world crisis of kissing kindergartners or "line order," she uses her quick wit to connect with students. Rhonda's book reminds me of the pure bliss students bring to educators each day. Even when we want to cry, we can find the humor in any situation. I could not stop reading Rhonda's entertaining stories about her students. I found myself making countless connections to my own experience. Her ability to find strength in herself and all her students is amazing. -Anna Meyer, Elementary School Principal

"In today's fast-paced, social media dominated world, it's easy to forget life's simple pleasures, like the joy of laughing at a story well told. I Survived Pompeii is a treasure trove of just such stories. For the last two decades, I have had the privilege of hearing Rhonda tell these stories to me directly. She is a master storyteller. The stories illustrate her sharp wit, her command of the written word, and her wonderful insight into the minds of the thousands of children she has worked with for more than 15 years as an elementary school librarian. Hilarious and often profoundly moving, the words and actions of her students will renew your faith and leave you with a smile." -James Coley, High School Teacher

Product Details
ISBN: 9780998121284
ISBN-10: 0998121282
Publisher: Peacock Proud Press
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2018
Pages: 268
Language: English