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Q and the Anons: A Quest for Authenticity in a Time of Deceit (Paperback)

Q and the Anons: A Quest for Authenticity in a Time of Deceit By An Anon Cover Image
By An Anon
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Note: This 292-page book is filled with hundreds of graphics, news headlines, photos, and many memes. The paperback is black-and-white, the ebook is color, and the hardcover is premium color, with printing costs to match - a great gift and keepsake of this amazing time.

The Q-Research boards have been a place where good-hearted people from many countries and all walks of life came together to investigate what has been happening behind-the-scenes of our world, to hone our skills of logic and discernment, to remember how to think for ourselves, and to keep real-life events from being "memory holed" from the public consciousness.

Mostly hidden from the general public on a rare uncensored corner of the web, Anons from the United States and countries around the world have been part of a magical journey of intel and research, gifts and fun, humor and disappointments, exhilaration and anguish, creativity and service, comradarie and discovery, and more-with humanity shining forth in precious ways.

It's not surprising that the corrupt conglomerates some call "cabals" have made an absurdly widespread effort to misrepresent a powerful altruistic effort they erroneously call "Qanon" as being something scary and dangerous. Truth is only dangerous to the deceitful, who want to keep more people from discovering real information or gathering in places where rare opportunities for free thought and free speech still exist.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781087984643
ISBN-10: 1087984645
Publisher: Golden Awakenings Press
Publication Date: September 11th, 2021
Pages: 292
Language: English