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Broken Word, Broken People, Broken World (Hardcover)

Broken Word, Broken People, Broken World Cover Image
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This book covers from when Satan was kicked out of heaven and why he was kicked out of heaven-the real reason-to when Satan introduced sin into the Garden of Eden, to how that sin grew into murder, and how murder grew into a world that's out of control with every kind of sin you can imagine. This also covers how these chain reactions were started from the first lie off of Satan's lips to Donald Trump and the United States in Bible prophecy And also, it tackles Bible prophecy compared to predictions of Nostradamus, the French astrologer and physician. And they all lead to and point to our White House of today and Donald Trump, our president It's time to wake up and smell the coffee. We are in the evil days and times. And we all have a choice we have to make, the most important choice of your life. Which master will you serve? Either you are with God or against God. There is no serving two masters. That's another one of Satan's lies I only hope this book will help someone out there make a wise choice on which God to serve and why, in these days and times, we really need an understanding of God and His Word Without an understanding of God and His Word, we become broken in word, broken as people, living in a broken world We can at least fix ourselves through God's Word, even if we can't fix the world.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781098056490
ISBN-10: 1098056493
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: September 29th, 2020
Pages: 164
Language: English