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The US 1851 Three Cent Washington (Paperback)

The US 1851 Three Cent Washington Cover Image
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So why should I write a book a stamp that is arguably the most ever written about? Well, you should take another look at the question to find a logical answer. Someone needs to compile an update and augment the vast amount of material published to date. We need to leverage digital advancements and the new research available. Most information written on the subject is a bit dated, published from 1909-1970. Today we have vastly improved resources that allow for a more graphical approach to the subject. So, I decided to provide a reprise, or revised report with a graphical approach to what is known. Let us bring Dr. Chase and company into this century with some personal flair and touches. Please note that many scholars and authors within the philatelic community are credited for the research and theories found within this presentation. I am merely a scholar, author and researcher that is building upon their years of hard work and dedication. Reporting the advancements and progresses made, I will disseminate on the philatelic postal history since it was last compiled or reported. It should be fully understood that this report is not a complete treatise on the subject. Similar to other work, our studies will require updating as new discoveries and corrections are introduced. I have made an effort to credit key research advancements of individuals and organizations where known by myself or when provided by others (see chapters 29-30 for a partial listing of reference materials, they are credited for the research and dedication on this subject. Most have been instrumental in providing data used for this project. Unfortunately for all students and scholars' of the 1851 stamps the records of the manufacturing firm for these stamps are reported as "destroyed by fire". Government records on this subject is also very limited. This has hindered research investigators for many years. It has been suggested that the 1851 3 Washington Issue is the most popular of all US stamps and argued by others as the most collected stamp of all time. It is in the opinion of this author, to be the most interesting stamp ever researched, collected and traded. The best part of collecting stamps is that you can tailor your collecting to any degree of simplicity or complexity that you so desire. Almost any type of ephemera can be tied into a stamp collection as complementary artifacts enhancing presentation and the historical value. I have specimens, archives, collections or other supporting materials that have been helpful or inspirational to the research conducted for this project and they can be viewed and downloaded. They're available at my website, http: // I have also created exhibits and archives intended as a study guide to this book, especially targeted to philatelic scholars. I think that all levels of collectors will find them enjoyable. This study guide on philatelic research and other material can be found at http: // All of my websites will be made available to everyone free of charge, as long as I can afford to host them.

About the Author

Joe has spent a lifetime growing up around stamps. His personnel collections include a US (canceled) singles collection from 1847 to date, a specialized topical collection of the US 3[ postage stamp of 1851-57, Inauguration covers from 1920 to date that includes several one-of-a-kind items, and a specialized collection of Richard Nixon philatelic artifacts. He has combined his love of history and art into his specialized collections. Whether it's painting water colors for cachet's on FDCs or researching an addressee' names on old envelopes to understand their origins; Joe has spent countless hours working with his philatelic treasures that are displayed in his collections and on philatelic research. Joe plays guitar, sings and paints when he is not working with HO trains or his stamps. Joe is single and lives in rural Virginia as a disabled Veteran, he is enjoying people, history, music, food and just about everything else that life has to offer. Joe believes that a word without pain is the highest goal that a civilized world can achieve.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781492905400
ISBN-10: 1492905402
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 17th, 2014
Pages: 188
Language: English