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Knights Templar Encyclopedia: The Essential Guide to the People, Places, Events, and Symbols of the Order of the Temple (Paperback)

Knights Templar Encyclopedia: The Essential Guide to the People, Places, Events, and Symbols of the Order of the Temple By Karen Ralls PhD Cover Image
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This authoritative sourcebook offers comprehensive information on Knights Templar history, symbols, key figures, unanswered questions, and more.
"Knights Templar Encyclopedia offers both general readers and specialists alike a remarkable source work on the famous medieval military order.  Scholarly and authoritative, Dr Ralls' treasury of Templar traditions is highly recommended." —Professor Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, Professor of History, University of Exeter (UK)

Who were the Knights Templar? And how did they become the wealthiest multinational corporation in the medieval West? These powerful crusaders of the late Middle Ages remain a source of fascination for their mysterious ways and their far-reaching influence. The knights of the Order of the Temple were not only warriors, but also diplomats, international banking experts, advisors to popes and kings, and much more.
Written by leading Templar authority and medieval historian Dr. Karen Ralls, Knights Templar Encyclopedia presents the history of the Order of the Temple in an accessible A-to-Z format. This authoritative sourcebook features a wealth of information on the key Templar people, places, events, symbols, organization, daily life, beliefs, economic empire, trial, and more. It includes photos and illustrations, an extensive bibliography, a historical timeline, and a list of major European Templar sites. The product of more than 16 years of meticulous, scholarly research, this indispensable resource is for the general reader and specialist alike—for anyone, in fact, who is interested in the history and legacy of the powerful Knights Templar (1119–1312).

About the Author

Karen Ralls, Ph.D., medieval historian, international lecturer, and media consultant, was postdoctoral fellow at the University of Edinburgh for six years before continuing her specialist medieval research at Oxford. A member of the Oxford University Religious Studies Society, the American Academy of Religion (AAR), and the British Society for the Study of Religion (BASR), Dr. Ralls was also former deputy director of the Rosslyn Chapel Museum exhibition (1996-2001). Originally from the United States, she has frequently appeared on the History Channel and Discovery, and in National Geographic TV documentaries. The author of The Templars and the Grail and other books, she has an award-winning Website

Praise For…

"If you're looking for the one indispensable book about the Knights Templar, this is it." --Robert Ellwood, professor of Religion Emeritus, University of Southern California, in praise of The Templars and the Grail
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Product Details
ISBN: 9781564149268
ISBN-10: 1564149269
Publisher: New Page Books
Publication Date: April 15th, 2007
Pages: 304
Language: English