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The Power of Sound: How to Be Healthy and Productive Using Music and Sound (Paperback)

The Power of Sound: How to Be Healthy and Productive Using Music and Sound By Joshua Leeds Cover Image
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Customize your sound environment for a better quality of life

• Shows how to use music and sound to reduce stress, enhance learning, and improve performance

• Provides detailed guidelines for musicians and health care professionals

• Includes a 75-minute CD of psychoacoustically designed classical music

What we hear, and how we process it, has a far greater impact on our daily living than we realize. From the womb to the moment we die we are surrounded by sound, and what we hear can either energize or deplete our nervous systems. It is no exaggeration to say that what goes into our ears can harm us or heal us.

Joshua Leeds--a pioneer in the application of music for health, learning, and productivity--explains how sound can be a powerful ally. He explores chronic sensory overload and how auditory dysfunction often results in difficulties with learning and social interactions. He offers innovative techniques designed to invigorate auditory skills and provide balanced sonic environments.

In this revised and updated edition of The Power of Sound, Leeds includes current research, extensive resources, analysis of the maturing field of soundwork and a look at the effect of sound on animals. He also provides a 75-minute CD of psycho­acoustically designed classical music for a direct experience of the effect of simplified sound on the nervous system. With new information on how to use music and sound for enhanced health and productivity, The Power of Sound provides readers with practical solutions for vital and sustained well-being.

About the Author

Joshua Leeds is a sound researcher, educator, and music producer with 40 hours of specialized soundtracks used in clinics, classrooms, and animal care facilities worldwide. He specializes in the field of psychoacoustics, the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system, and bioacoustics, how human sound affects other living beings. The author of Through a Dog’s Ear and Sonic Alchemy, he lives in southern Oregon.

Praise For…

“A magnificent addition to the growing body of literature devoted to the newly emerging field of sound therapy by an author who has been instrumental in its development and recognition. Insightful, lucid, and engaging, The Power of Sound is the first important book on sound therapy for the twenty-first century. It should be read by anyone interested in the true nature of music’s potential as a healing modality. Bravo, Mr. Leeds!”
— Randall McClellan, Ph.D., author of The Healing Forces of Music

“An indispensable guidebook to a new awareness of sound and an exceptional resource for personal and professional use. Educators, therapists, and anyone with ears will find Joshua Leeds’s work inspiring and practical as they endeavor to promote learning, performance, and well-being.”
— Sheila Smith Allen, MA, OTR, BCP, codirector of Pediatric Therapeutics

“Joshua Leeds points to the future for the entire music community--musicians, producers, engineers, composers, and businesspeople. I applaud his generosity in sharing the psychoacoustic techniques he has developed and utilized to great effect. In combining music and science, Leeds has achieved a dramatic advance in the use of music and sound for empowerment and change.”
— Joe Harnell, Grammy Award–winning composer, pianist, and author of Counterpoint: The Journey o

"Used for basic understanding, either for personal or professional use, The Power of Sound is a powerful tool at its best. Leeds, through his thorough research, is giving us a glimpse into another world of music. (By-the-way, the 75-minute CD of psychoacoustically designed classical music is awesome!)"
— Irene Watson, Reader Views, October 2010

“In this deep guidebook to everything sonic, Mr. Leeds caters to the layperson and the professional alike. The content is exceptionally well researched and organized. He proceeds in sections that contain the history, theory and also references on the Internet that show the research for readers who want a deeper knowledge.”
— Jennifer Hoskins, New Dawn Magazine, February 2011

Product Details
ISBN: 9781594773501
ISBN-10: 1594773505
Publisher: Healing Arts Press
Publication Date: August 30th, 2010
Pages: 320
Language: English