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Yearly Home Maintenance Check List: Yearly Home Maintenance For Homeowners Investors HVAC Yard Inventory Rental Properties Home Repair Schedule (Paperback)

Yearly Home Maintenance Check List: Yearly Home Maintenance For Homeowners Investors HVAC Yard Inventory Rental Properties Home Repair Schedule By Patricia Larson Cover Image
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Home Maintenance Checklist Notebook

8 X 10 inches

112 prompted pages

This Home Maintenance Journal allows you to keep all of the pertinent information about your house (or rental properties) in one location. When you sell the house, you can give this handy book to the new owners and make their life happy and easy.

How to Use this Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist Notebook:

The purpose of this yearly home maintenance journal is to keep all your various DIY home fix ups and property management organized in one easy to find spot. Here are some simple guidelines to follow so you can make the most of using this book:

The first "Systems Maintenance by Month" section is for you to write out monthly which systems to check whether its cleaning the pipes or caulking the showers/ you can go back there to be reminded of your maintenance schedule once a year....

Most ideas are inspired by something we have seen. Use the "Repairman Contact Information" section to use as a reminder which repairman, company name, phone number you contacted as you needed that information...

The "Home Warranty Information" section is for you to write out all the home warranty information, company, premium paid, contract length....etc.. to keep an up to date record your journey of taking care of your homes and rental properties...

And even more pages with the "Appliance Information" section is great for taking notes on date of purchase, appliance bought, purchased from, price paid, serial to be reminded later of all important information.

The "Appliance Repair Log" section is for you to keep a visual reminder of each appliance serviced, date of service, repairman's name, contact info, cost and much more...

The "Monthly Maintenance Log" section is for you to checklist smoke detectors checks, change furnace filters, and space to fill in other tasks that are required to be checked out on a monthly basis.

The "Quarterly Maintenance Log" section is for you to write out the date of checking the basement or crawl space for leaks, cleaning the fridge, baseboards, check shower drain, with space for initials of person performing said duties...helpful information for remembering later on.

The "Yearly Maintenance Log" today is for you to write out important tasks such as smoke detector battery check, carbon monoxide check, cleaning the gutters, and space to add more tasks to the you can be reminded later on....

Finally, so many "Blank Notes" sections so as to lay out your plan of keeping up with your own home or that of your rental properties and much more

Whether you've just started with buying your own personal residence, or you are a rental property will want to write down all your property maintenance projects in this notebook to look back on and remember the things you've done for each property.

This Home Maintenance Log Book makes a great gift for any new or long time homeowner that is investing in real estate Size is 8 X 10 inches, 112 pages, soft matte finish cover.


Product Details
ISBN: 9781649301512
ISBN-10: 1649301510
Publisher: Patricia Larson
Publication Date: June 4th, 2020
Pages: 112
Language: English