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Bullseye Marketing: How to Grow Your Business Faster (Paperback)

Bullseye Marketing: How to Grow Your Business Faster Cover Image
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Companies that market better and more grow faster, but people at many companies are overwhelmed by the dozens of marketing options and thousands of software packages - not to mention the competing claims of vendors.

With his unique Bullseye Marketing approach, Louis Gudema cuts through the noise and prioritizes the fastest, least expensive ways for companies to increase leads and sales while delaying slower, more expensive programs. Ironically, many companies do the exact opposite, starting with programs like social media and content marketing that can take a couple of years or longer to produce significant results.

In this book you'll learn:

  • The "marketing assets" that every company has but few fully utilize
  • How to implement the three-phase Bullseye Marketing approach:
    • Fully exploit your existing marketing assets
    • Sell to people who want to buy now
    • Cast a wider net with long-term awareness and branding programs
  • Which marketing software programs are most useful when building out a marketing program
  • How to build a modern marketing team
  • The agile marketing method that is perfect for implementing the Bullseye approach
  • How to bridge the gap between marketing goals and business goals

Useful for almost any company, Bullseye Marketing is especially so for small- and mid-sized businesses with up to 1,000 employees.

Bullseye Marketing includes 100s of tips and best practices that you can start using now to improve your business results. And interviews with modern marketing experts Ann Handley, Scott Brinker, Evan Kirstel, Gini Dietrich, Jeanne Hopkins, Jim Ewel, James Carbary and Zorian Rotenberg.

About the Author

In his 30 year career Louis Gudema has helped hundreds of companies from MIT startups to the Global 2000 improve their business results. He founded and led Magic Hour Communications, which initially provided marketing communications services for major companies. He then changed the company’s business model, pivoting it to become an early SaaS firm with strong recurring revenue. He had a successful exit, and over several years acted as vice president of business development at two mid-sized digital agencies, closing and serving primarily enterprise accounts. In 2013 he founded marketing consultancy revenue & associates, working primarily with small- and mid-sized companies. It was through his work with those firms that he developed the Bullseye Marketing approach. Louis speaks frequently on marketing and business at regional and national events, and has written for such leading business sites as The Harvard Business Review, MarketingProfs, Chiefmartec, HubSpot, IDG Connect Marketer, TechTarget, VentureBeat, Econsultancy, Content Marketing Institute and many others.

Praise For…

Love it! Bullseye Marketing strips the madness away from the traditional paralysis-by-analysis of marketing plans and guides the modern marketer towards an impact target. In a world where low hanging fruit is often overlooked – Bullseye paints a winning equation of making the biggest impact today while setting the foundation for (r)evolutionary marketing success

David Maffei
President of Akumina

Bullseye Marketing is a business book with no BS. Why boil the ocean in trying to understand how to market your product or service and get sales into the pipeline? Three phases: Leverage your existing assets. Focus on the Buy Now prospect. Build awareness and your brand. Simple steps. Data driven. Comprehensive. This marketing How-To must be on your bookshelf or Kindle today.

Jeanne Hopkins
Executive Vice President and CMO at Ipswitch

Bullseye Marketing hits the mark. It strips away jargon and consultant-speak to help you, a small or medium business leader, caught in the crosshairs of change, turn things around. Reading a few chapters can help you solve today’s problems. Reading more of them will help you connect meaningfully and profitably with current and new customers. Louis lays out the steps that work. Your job is to follow them.

Mike Wittenstein
Founder of StoryMiners and former IBM Global Services eVisionary

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732203617
ISBN-10: 173220361X
Publisher: Wedgewood Press
Publication Date: June 25th, 2018
Pages: 382
Language: English