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How to Fix a Factory: A Practical Approach to Clarify and Resolve Underlying Challenges in Your Factory (Paperback)

How to Fix a Factory: A Practical Approach to Clarify and Resolve Underlying Challenges in Your Factory Cover Image
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Every factory eventually runs into choppy waters and turbulence. Systems and processes that used to work suddenly struggle, and customer complaints pile up out of nowhere. It's not for a lack of effort or desire, but something goes wrong with the old formula for running the plant. What can you do to navigate the trouble and help your manufacturing business get back on the right track?

In How to Fix a Factory, Rob Tracy shows there's always a way to fix the problem, once you know what the problem is. He draws on 30+ years of industry experience to guide you through a practical approach to create a fundamentally sound and healthy factory. Senior leaders, plant managers, production managers, and supervisors will learn how to sort through the noise and lead their teams on a journey of improvement that ensures that the factory is on solid footing. With his simple 5-step system to improving your business from the ground up, Rob Tracy shows how to uncover the underlying challenges and provides actionable solutions to fix them.

This book will help you identify and fix issues including:

  • Missed customer delivery expectations

  • A disengaged and frustrated workforce

  • Shrinking profitability

  • Inability to increase capacity

  • Weak results from a Lean implementation

  • Daily firefighting and chaos

When you read How to Fix a Factory, you'll be taking your first step toward factory improvement. By building a strong foundation with an engaged workforce, you'll have the underpinnings needed to take the next steps towards breakthrough levels of performance and operational excellence.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781733306508
ISBN-10: 1733306501
Publisher: Pinpoint Advisory LLC
Publication Date: October 4th, 2019
Pages: 204
Language: English