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52 Weeks of Relief: Uplifting Provocations for Stress Reduction and Self-Care (Paperback)

52 Weeks of Relief: Uplifting Provocations for Stress Reduction and Self-Care Cover Image
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With your Things-To-Do list yet undone, and the world exactly as it is, 52 Weeks of Relief is your trustworthy guide to turn down the volume on pressures and "busyness" so you can remember what makes your life truly work. This warm and resonant book is made up of 52 easy-to-read essays, each containing inspiring weekly "provocations," that will call you back to your own inner strength, to higher levels of intelligence, and to a quiet knowing that is still alive and well within you. This book is for you--exactly as you are in this moment--with your stresses, worries, and tiredness, but also with your strength, courage, and capabilities.

As you follow the weekly provocations you will:

● Discover fresh, positive perspectives that will seep into all parts of your life

● Open a light-hearted attitude within you

● Boost your ability to positively impact others

● Slow down and feel worries and pressures melt into the background

● Experience moments of ease and happy satisfaction

● Remember your strength and competence to make changes

● And move naturally toward self-compassion

Relief was designed to give you fifty-two weeks--one full year--of gentle guidance and support to help you see and do things differently, in order for your stress to soften and your well-being to expand. As you read you may feel passion, inspiration, or motivation to reach higher and move forward more intentionally. Or you may be reminded to simply bask in the awesome power of non-doing, playing, or turning kindness upon yourself. The intent is for you to move through the chapters in such a way that you come out the other side having benefitted because they have in some way called you back to your own highest good.

Regarding 52 Weeks of Relief, Rev. Dr. Dennis Kenny, founding director of the Institute for Health and Healing, San Francisco, CA and author of Promise of the Soul says, "I have known Dr. Lord for a very long time and one thing I know about her and this book is that they reflect a real life lived with integrity, following the principles she has shared with us in this book. These are words that lighten and enlighten. This is so important these days when we are surrounded by words that hurt and divide. It is time for this book."

Read 52 Weeks of Relief and reduce your stress, strengthen your resiliency, be reminded of your innate goodness, and feel uplifted to the very core of your being. Breathe. Reflect. Remember what is important.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781733722582
ISBN-10: 1733722580
Publisher: Relief Room Publishing
Publication Date: November 19th, 2019
Pages: 254
Language: English