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Youtube Channel Income: Learn The Top Secrets Used To Make Millions From Youtube Channel. (Paperback)

Youtube Channel Income: Learn The Top Secrets Used To Make Millions From Youtube Channel. Cover Image
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Do you want to make money on YouTube?

Then keep reading...

When someone makes this decision to finally take control of their income and turn to this great platform, the next feeling is almost always panic. Then it's defeat. Why? Because most people just don't know how to make money on YouTube anymore. It's not like the old days where people would test out and experiment until finally, they'd stumble across it...

Nowadays, there is so much competition on YouTube that it's just better to get out ahead and have the information needed on hand. And that's where this book comes in. With YOUTUBE CHANNEL INCOME, we're going to teach you exactly how you can do just that...

In this book you'll learn:

- A look into the history of YouTube

- How to become a YouTuber

- How to grow your subscriber base (and keep them)

- An in-depth explanation of a niche and how to find yours

- 4 different ways of bringing in income for your channel, including fan funding, affiliate marketing, and monetization

- A guide to the YouTube Partnership Program that nearly every big YouTuber is a part of

- How to get comfortable on YouTube with a look into what your day to day life will look like

- Why quality over quantity is so, so important in today's YouTube world

- ...& Much More

Keeping yourself informed is the first step to making a successful YouTube channel, and this book is going to take you through every step. It's a long road ahead, so you may as well have all the information that you're going to need. Actually, no, you should definitely have all the information you need, hands down.

This book is the perfect guide for that first few months (or years) that it takes to establish your YouTube channel and start making money. These steps are easy to follow, and everything has been broken down as much as possible. Now purchase this book today, follow the steps, and watch the cash start to roll in

--- Get your copy of Make Money On YouTube today ---

Product Details
ISBN: 9781801724784
ISBN-10: 1801724784
Publisher: Amplitudo Ltd
Publication Date: March 21st, 2021
Pages: 202
Language: English