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Sociological implications of teenagers sexuality a sociological study (Paperback)

Sociological implications of teenagers sexuality a sociological study By Thaker Shilpa A Cover Image
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All Individuals have particular psychological characteristics or traits, which

influence their behavior, in the form of specific skills and aptitudes. Human

beings are social animals and their culture, religion, environment, education,

bringing up and genetics affect their social lives.

However, while biological, physical, environmental and psychological influences

on human life are clearly important, for sociologist they are not sole significant

bases for understanding human lives. Other complex elements are involved in

shaping human behavior. Social structure and environment characterized by

regularity - in which individuals develop from childhood into teenagers, into

adulthood and through into old age. Everyone which lives in societies that

embrace a deeply held commitment to philosophies and ideas of "Individualism",

with a strong emphasize on human being as unique individuals each with their

own specific quality, idiosyncrasies and responsible for their own actions, and

with success, happiness and fulfillment defined in terms of individual

achievement. In modern Indian society philosophy of individualism and their

beliefs is that every one is free to choose the government, their employers and

their religions.

Gender roles and important of ethnic groups membership also has an impact on

individual's social life. Sociologists have emphasized for many years while men

and women differ biologically from each other in a number of respects, many of

the differences in behavior patterns between them, both within and across

different societies, are "social constructions". - That is, they are the outcome of

social expectations, which have been built up around them and modified over

decades and centuries. The predominant responsibility for child rearing and

domestic task is still expected to lie with women, and there is still greater social

license extended to both teenagers and adult males in expressing their sexuality

than there are to their females peers.

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ISBN: 9781805247326
ISBN-10: 1805247328
Publisher: Independent Author
Publication Date: March 16th, 2023
Pages: 362
Language: English