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Giantess Globalist Sperm War (Paperback)

Giantess Globalist Sperm War By Mandy De Sandra Cover Image
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A dirty bomb has been dropped and humanity is forever changed. The boys who didn't die stayed the same but the women grew into giantesses--walking gods as tall as the mountains. To remake a new and better world, all post-pubescent men were eaten and killed, and the remaining boys were rounded up to live in The Pen and learn to become better men.

One of those boys, Tyson, waits on Eve Night--the night before the giantesses select who will be reborn through their womb. Men themselves are now sperm and each giantess selects ten of their favorite men to go inside her and compete to be the winner--reborn as a baby. Tyson wants the childhood that was taken away from him during World War III, but he must learn to work, fight, and help the 9 others if he wants to be a baby again.

"De Sandra creates a world that plays with edible men, female anatomy, and misandry. This is the giantess fetish at its most lurid and comical, while quietly illustrating the poignant isolation of divided gender."

Devora Gray, Author of Human Furniture and the Quest for the Perfect Woman

Product Details
ISBN: 9781944866280
ISBN-10: 1944866280
Publisher: Only RX
Publication Date: October 2nd, 2018
Pages: 94
Language: English