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Joyous Leadership: Stories of Learnings Along the Way (Hardcover)

Joyous Leadership: Stories of Learnings Along the Way By John Mark Watson Cover Image
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"Joyous Leadership is a must-read for any aspiring leader. The book emphasizes the benefits, both personally and professionally, of leading with purpose. It highlights the reality that strong business performance requires team members who act and think like owners and are immersed in their daily work. Mark's experiences and simple storytelling make this an indulging read."

-Lee C. Banks, Vice Chairman & President, Parker Hannifin Corporation

What is joyous leadership and why should it be practiced? In his book, Joyous Leadership, Mark Watson makes the case through pivotal personal stories that joyous leadership is not about short-term profit or prestige. It is a long-term endeavor to enrich our lives and strengthen our communities. Joyous Leadership makes the case that we all have plain or sometimes ugly personal stories that, like a prism examined in the light, transform into something that may surprise ourselves and inspire others.

Joyous Leadership is a book not just for managers and leader-types; it's a hopeful guide on making an impact where you are right now, wherever that may be. It's a book conspicuously free of billionaires and Ivy League graduates, not because we can't learn from these high achievers, but they get plenty of accolades elsewhere. Joyous Leadership is about getting back to the most innate human truths, celebrating the unsung everyday heroes of your life story, finding joy where you are right now, and creating something that lasts. The pursuit of joyous leadership will make an impact on you and your community that reverberates through time.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781956906035
ISBN-10: 1956906037
Publisher: Onbrand Books
Publication Date: January 18th, 2022
Pages: 224
Language: English