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Low Latency, High Performance: Cloud Gaming (Paperback)

Low Latency, High Performance: Cloud Gaming By Rafeal Mechlore Cover Image
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"Low Latency, High Performance: Cloud Gaming" is an in-depth look at one of the most groundbreaking and game-changing trends of our time. Deep dive into the world of cloud gaming in this book. Cloud gaming is where the digital frontier meets cutting edge technology to give gamers a smooth, engaging, and high-performance gaming experience. It looks at the important parts of cloud gaming that make it a game-changer, as well as the problems and ways to solve them that make its future possible.

Cloud gaming is an amazing piece of technology that has changed how we play and connect with our favorite video games. This change is not just a trend; it's a paradigm shift that has freed players from the chains of expensive hardware and large downloads. But what makes the best cloud gaming services stand out is that they can offer low latency and good performance. This is what this book is all about.

Low latency is important for games that feels responsive. It's how long it takes for the player's actions to show up on the screen. It's very important to be quick when you're cloud gaming, where your games are stored on remote computers and streamed to your device. The article "Low Latency, High Performance: Cloud Gaming" talks about the technical side of data centers, network connectivity, and the hardware needs that help lower latency so that players can get responses almost instantly.

In cloud gaming, getting high speed isn't just about graphics; it's about the whole experience. The book goes into detail about how cloud gaming providers use AI and machine learning to make games look amazing, how they use GPUs to make games run faster, and how they use advanced compression methods to send data more efficiently. When you put these techniques together, you get the best game experience ever, even on devices that aren't very powerful.

Concerns about security and privacy have never been more important, and the book talks about these important parts of cloud gaming. This article talks about how to keep user data safe in the cloud gaming infrastructure and how to find a good balance between security measures and game performance.

This book also talks about user experience. It talks about things like making interfaces that work on different devices, cross-platform games, personalization, and gamification, all of which make gaming more fun and easy to use.

The book also talks about how business models and market trends are changing in cloud games. The effects of pay-per-use and subscription-based services on the game business are looked at. It looks at new trends and makes predictions about what the future holds for this area that is changing so quickly.

Case studies and success stories give readers useful information about the things that early adopters of cloud gaming did well and the problems they had to deal with. Whether you're a business owner, a developer, or just a gamer, these real-life cases can teach you something.

Product Details
ISBN: 9788196724269
ISBN-10: 8196724268
Publisher: Readers Publications
Publication Date: November 4th, 2023
Pages: 138
Language: English