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Let's Master K-pop Expressions: Over 700 Most Common K-pop, K-drama, K-show Expressions with Downloadable Audio Tracks (Paperback)

Let's Master K-pop Expressions: Over 700 Most Common K-pop, K-drama, K-show Expressions with Downloadable Audio Tracks By Fandom Media Cover Image
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Say goodbye to other boring Korean language study books Learn to speak real-life Korean that you hear in K-pop, K-dramas, and variety TV shows

Are you a K-pop fan who enjoys the songs but can't fully understand what your favorite idol oppas are saying? Or, are you a K-drama addict who wondered why the main character says something for like 20 seconds but the subtitle simply says "thanks"? And maybe you are a Korean variety TV show fanatic who can't understand why people on the show are laughing?

Well, the problem is that while how much you can enjoy your favorite songs, drama series, movies, and TV shows depends on how good the subtitles are, the subtitles don't fully provide all the culture-specific details that are necessary to fully comprehend the hidden nuances and correct usages, because the time and space allowed for the subtitles are quite limited.

As a result, typical non-Korean viewers like you are often lost in translation, left wondering what is actually going on

Alas Many of the slang terms and expressions that your favorite idols use on the K-pop Live shows aren't even found in regular Korean dictionaries

And that's why we decided to make this book, to help you navigate through the seemingly complex world of the Korean language

How do we do that? Here's our proprietary formula that helped so many people like you

  • Korean Language 101: We offer how to read and pronounce the Korean alphabet as well as how Korean sentences are structured.
  • Korean Speech Levels: What makes learning Korean difficult is the different "levels" of speech, which need to be adjusted depending on a given situation (why does the wife talk to the husband in the formal form while the husband does in the very casual form?). We dedicated an entire section, with an intuitive visual guide, to help you understand the differences because you don't want to rely on a subtitle that translates "thanks" and "I appreciate it wholeheartedly, sir." the same way. Oh, we also included a section for some of the most commonly used Korean chat acronyms.
  • Over 700 Expressions From 38 Categories: From the heart-throbbing first date clich's to cringe pick-up lines to super formal office settings to laid-back K-pop live shows, we give you the most common sets of expressions that you would find in various scenes and situations. Through this, you will be able to identify the repeating patterns and learn how to apply them to form different combinations.
  • Downloadable Audio Tracks: Don't guess For every expression, listen to the audio tracks to learn the correct pronunciation. Just listen, repeat, and learn

By the time you finish this book, your favorite K-pop songs, K-dramas, and variety TV shows will make so much more sense Have fun learning

Product Details
ISBN: 9791188195787
Publisher: New Ampersand Publishing
Publication Date: July 4th, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English