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白頭翁詩文集 (A Modern Treatment of Classical Chinese Poetry) (Paperback)

白頭翁詩文集 (A Modern Treatment of Classical Chinese Poetry) By 婁良輔 (Liang-Fu Lou) Cover Image
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This book intends to show how to enjoy reading and writing classical Chinese poems. The level of difficulty is reduced by introducing a modernized approach, and yet the poetic essence would not be compromised. It is an exceptional hands-on learning material for people who are interested in classical Chinese poetry, including those who are pursuing advanced studies in the Chinese literature. All poems collected in this book are dated to form a timeline. Together with the explanations, essays, and references, collectively they become a poetic depiction of the author's lifelong journey, from mainland China to Taiwan, and then settled down here in America. The readers will not only be treated to a feast of beautiful poems, but also to a story that very much reflects what happened to a generation of intellectual Chinese immigrants. To keep the tradition going, this book is written in traditional Chinese. Those who have only learned simplified Chinese might find it a bit challenging, but definitely worth the effort because you will be able to read the classical poems in their original forms. Note that the language category should be Chinese (Traditional).

Product Details
ISBN: 9798211908659
Publisher: Blurb
Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
Pages: 144
Language: Chinese