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All Churched Out: The Weary Wife of the Pastor-Book 2 (A Christian Fiction Thriller) (Paperback)

All Churched Out: The Weary Wife of the Pastor-Book 2 (A Christian Fiction Thriller) By Denise Cook-Godfrey Cover Image
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Staring into the face of betrayal of the worse kind, Leah, the new First Lady of the Shady Hill Missionary Baptist Church, must deal with the internal struggles of a woman scorned. At this point, she plummets onto a journey where she searches for completion outside of the walls of the traditional church. During Leah's journey, she stumbles into many cultural themes that the church often finds difficult to deal with such as metaphysics, transcendental meditation, mind science, gender confusion, and more.

Kyle, Leah's husband and the new Pastor of Shady Hill has his own battles. Climbing out of the dangerous gutter of his past life and landing in the safety of the Westchester family ministry has given him a great new start. But...will his past skeletons come out to haunt him and disrupt his already broken marriage and ministry?

As a continuation of Book 1, Leah continues in her quest to find identity, spirituality, and worship outside of the traditional walls of the church. Will she resolve that church as she knows it is irrelevant in her search for wholeness and stability within her soul? In this compelling portion of the series, Leah continues to portray the kind of character who takes the term "level up" to a new level.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798367131277
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 7th, 2022
Pages: 142
Language: English