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Men!: Stay In Position! (Paperback)

Men!: Stay In Position! Cover Image
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This book is addressing men and their position and roles in the church, the lives of their wives, and their families. Our Heavenly Father, Jesus our Lord, and Holy Spirit are one. Together, they ordained men before the foundation of the world to be leaders. The foundation of the world refers to God's act of creation. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of manhood. This book is definitely written to simply jump-start as well as encourage men to stay in their God-given positions. Providing thought-provoking doctrine is also the intention of this book. Headship is the rightful, divine, and ordained position of men. Headship is the position, office, or dignity of a leader. Lordship is the rightful, divine, and ordained position of men. Lordship, in regards to this book, is a term of respect used when speaking of or to a noble man. Being a priest of their home is the rightful, divine, and ordained position of men. The role of priest is to be a mediator between mankind and God. Men are to be kings within their dominion. Kings are male rulers. Men are to be prophets to their wives and families. Every man is not called to the office of a prophet. However, every believer can prophesy by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Yes, men are to prophesy as to speak forth the written Word to their wives and families. A prophet speaks for God by divine spontaneous inspiration as well as speaking forth the written Word of God. Men are to be providers. A provider is a person who provides the majority of something that is needed. Of course, women love and feel a sense of security when married to a provider (a breadwinner). Men are expected to be warriors. Yes, men too are expected to fight the good fight of faith and all that fight entails. From the beginning of time, men are viewed as great assets to women as well as to society as a whole. Women, children, families, and ultimately society as a whole need the guidance, protection, security, and presence of a man. Society desperately need men to stay in position.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798721086243
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 13th, 2021
Pages: 32
Language: English