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Chuck's Big Ride Redux: Back in the Saddle – A 2000 Mile Fundraiser

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In the summer of 2015 Chuck set out to ride his bicycle from Bellingham to his hometown of Galva, Illinois — a distance of about 2400 miles.  Things went well until the 37th riding day. That evening Chuck posted this on his ride blog: “The big news today came at 17.6 miles, just barely over an hour into the ride, with everything going fine.  At a farm, set back a ways from the north side of the road, two dogs began barking loudly, and running toward the road.  I kept riding.  The next thing I knew they were between me and the right side of the road and one was snarling as if it was about ready to lunge and bite.  I kicked out with my right foot to fend off the dog.  Everything after that happened very quickly.  I went down in the right lane—luckily without a car close.”  The result was three broken and two cracked ribs, and many abrasions.  Thus ended the fundraising ride that had yielded pledges of nearly $30,000.  Fortunately, most folks honored their pledges…as did Chuck.

Two years have passed and Chuck’s ready to climb back on the bike —guess you could call him a slow learner.  He’ll begin the ride on September 1st where he went down and, after saying hello to those dogs, he’ll pedal on to Bar Harbor, Maine—a distance of about 2000 miles. Follow along by reading his ride blog. Once again, Chuck is pledging $1 per mile to each of three organizations:

• The mission of the Whatcom Community Foundation is to “amplify the force of philanthropy—by connecting people, ideas and resources—so that communities flourish.” It helps folks do amazing things in Whatcom County to make this a better place for all of us to live.

• Whatcom Community College is celebrating its 50th year—“building futures together since 1967.”  WCC has been recognized as one of the leading community colleges in the nation and leads the region in cybersecurity and nursing education.

• The Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) has been assisting booksellers in need since 1986, by helping in times of unexpected financial crises. Binc also has given scholarships to bookstore employees and their dependents, and assisted booksellers in attending industry events.

Chuck hopes you’ll join him in pledging your support to one or more of these. You may pledge as little as 1¢ per mile for a total of $20—less than lunch in many places.  Or, you can join Chuck and pledge $1 per mile…or more.  These are all very well run organizations that will put your donations to good use.  

Several riders plan to join Chuck for portions of his journey.  If you wish to ride a few miles — or many — email  

Pledging links:


Whatcom Community Foundation -

Whatcom Community College Foundation -


Chuck's ride is sponsored in part by BodyFloat Kinekt Seat Post, Fairhaven Bicycle, and Coros LINX Smart Helmet.