Finn Wilcox, Too Late To Turn Back Now: Prose & Poems 1980-2016

Sat, 12/09/2017 - 7:00pm

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1200 11th St
Bellingham, WA 98225-7015

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In this new book, Finn Wilcox gives readers of the off-the-road literature the sweet wine and tangy whiskey of his 3 books: Here Among the Sacrificed, Flower Mountain, and Lesson Learned. Add a healthy supply of new Wilcox work, and you have a collection demanding to be read to your beloveds, to your children and parents. This elegant tour de force by a devoted artist has the precision and clarity, care and compassion for which Finn is loved among workers of the word, and the woods and sea.
“From hobo jungles …to the cave of a hermit nun on a mountain in China, from the life of Pacific Northwest tree-planters to the tenderest of love lyrics, these poems and prose anecdotes sparkle…” -- Clemens Starck
“These stories and poems are the sort I’d expect to find among the men’s clothing at Goodwill: survivors of the real world, not something I’d wear to a job interview.” —Bill Porter             
Finn Wilcox worked in the woods of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains with the forest workers co-op, Olympic Reforestation, for twenty-five years, planting over a million trees. He spent a great deal of time riding the rails, learning about the life, journeys, and history of the once-respected American Hobo. His first book, published in the 1980’s, Here Among the Sacrificed, includes poignant photographs by Steve R. Johnson, depicting the people in boxcars and railroad yards who appear in Finn’s memorable poems and stories. Too Late to Turn Back Now contains all of Finn Wilcox’s published work: the freight train poems and stories, all the poems from Nine Flower Mountain, detailing his travels in China; Lesson Learned, love poems; and a suite of newer poems and stories called Not Letting Go. From the mid-seventies through the early nineties, Finn was an editor for Empty Bowl Press. He and Jerry Gorsline edited Working the Woods, Working the Sea: An Anthology of Northwest Writing. Finn and his wife Pat Fitzgerald live in Port Townsend.

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