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Marla Bronstein, Whole New Normal: An Acoustic Neuroma Journey

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Wed, 10/09/2013 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
1200 11th St
98225-7015 Bellingham
A few years ago, Marla Bronstein was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma, a brain tumor, a benign schwannoma growing on the eighth crainial nerve. By the time it was discovered, it was large enough to be pressing on her brain stem. As do most of us with a computer and an internet connection, Marla went straight to the internet for answers to her questions. She found out what it was, treatment options, and read personal stories of resulting recoveries from long, frightening surgery.  Marla wanted a map to guide her through the months ahead of surgery.  She found most of the stories out there, and there were a lot of them, were scary post-treatment outcome stories.  What she was looking for, she did not find.

Thankfully, Marla met a few people with positive outcomes from treatment on the way, but she wanted her own story to have a more happy ending to share, to balance out all of the stories otherwise available on the internet. She kept an almost daily journal leading up to her brain surgery and for the months after.  She wrote the book she needed to read after her diagnosis. Hopefully, Marla’s story will help people find their own path in dealing with any life-threatening or life changing situation. Profits from the book will be distributed to the Acoustic Neuroma Societies of US and Canada.

Marla Bronstein was born in New York and believes her brain tumor was born while she was living in California. Marla now makes her home in the Pacific Northwest. Multi-tasking has always been her favorite sport. While preparing for and recovering from surgery, she wrote and produced 120 minutes of GimmeAMinute which can be found on your local YouTube channel. Marla lives in Bellingham with her husband Ken. Her favorite children are Zoe and Caleb.
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ISBN: 9780615852133
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Published: Marla Bronstein - September 24th, 2013