Peter & Tracy Flucke, Coast to Coast on a Tandem - Slideshow!

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 7:00pm

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1200 11th St
Bellingham, WA 98225-7015

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In many respects, Tracy and Peter Flucke are like many other active couples. They work a business together, they enjoy long-distance bicycling for exercise and fun, and their shared interests play a key role in building a strong and loving family. What sets them apart is the length to which they will go in the name of scratching their adventuresome itch – 4,362 miles to be exact. Climb aboard and join the Fluckes on their tandem bicycle for their 2014 unsupported trip that began in Bellingham, across the Northern Tier of the United States. Somehow, these determined personalities were able to endure the better part of seventy-two days within six inches of each other, surviving physical, logistical, and interpersonal challenges that made this an adventure of a

Tracy and Peter Flucke (pronounced FLU-key) are president and vice president of WE BIKE, etc., LLC, a Green Bay, Wisconsin, consulting firm that specializes in the areas of engineering, education, enforcement, and encouragement for walking, bicycling, and healthy communities. The Fluckes are enthusiastic bicyclists, runners, and outdoorsmen. They bring passion to their work in helping communities and citizens improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and access by looking at the world through bicyclist and pedestrian eyes. Both are experienced and well-respected presenters.

Tracy and Peter have completed three unsupported cross-country bicycle trips on their tandem: Northern Tier – 2014 (4,362 miles); Mississippi River – 2015 (3,052 miles); Historic Route 66 – 2016 (2,603 miles). Coast to Coast on a Tandem chronicles their Northern Tier trip and is their first book.

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