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June's Just Write! 300 Words - Paragraph Prompt

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Writing prompt

It's time for another round of 300 Words (a paragraph prompt challenge featured in our monthly Just Write! enewsletter)! Read on to enjoy what creative words flowed from the leading sentence: 
"The sun's rays glittered off the water so brightly, I had to squeeze my eyes shut for a moment . . . "


From Harvey:

The sun's rays glittered off the water so brightly; I had to squeeze my eyes shut for a moment.

But when I opened them I realized that my worst fears were not unfounded and that my inner lemon had just been pressed into a jar a giant being was menacingly walking toward.

The stench of his body odor cut through my inner citrus like a chainsaw would cut through butter. His orange hair shone like a floodlight; as unnatural as his cadence, which was strained and awkward as if his relationship to things natural was acidic.

But that's an affront to my juiciness - which is usually something to revel in (with a little sugar or honey).

Mar-A-Lago said the sign above the walking orange crush and crush is what he had done to me. I needed revenge and wouldn't be writing this if I hadn't found it.

You may wonder how a lemon can type. Well I wonder how a human can run or be as stupid as some of you that I've met. After all a lot of your species voted for this behemoth that has his weasel like eyes on me. So please don't question me - question yourselves and your thought process. I have work to do.

I will admit that it's a little odd to be here in the present and in the past at the same time. But I have to get out of this dilemma (with the assurance that I already have) since I'm typing in past tense while being here in the present.

The solution is simple. I will go further back in time. I will assure America that he is a lemon. They will believe me because of my authenticity. Thus a lemon turns to lemonade. You're welcome.

Thank you for reading (and/or participating in) this month's 300 Words, a paragraph prompt challenge featured in our monthly Just Write! enewsletter. If you haven't already, join in the fun and sign up for the Just Write enews so you will always know about our writer groups, resources, classes, activities, and  the like. Tell your friends and write on!
July always brings to mind celebration and fireworks! So for next month's prompt, let's finish - in 300 words or less - the line: 
"At first just a sheet of deep black expanse, the tranquil night sky suddenly exploded with light and color."
Just email your original response to this line in 300 words or less to Amy at by July 20th to make the next newsletter and blog post! 


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