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October's Just Write! 300 Words - Paragraph Prompt

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Writing prompt

It's time for another round of 300 Words (a paragraph prompt challenge featured in our monthly Just Write! enewsletter)! Read on to enjoy what creative words flowed from the leading sentence: 


"I woke in the middle of the night, hair standing on end and my body in a cold sweat, to a mysterious knocking sound."



From Patricia:

I woke in the middle of the night, hair standing on end and my body in a cold sweat to a mysterious knocking sound. This was the third time in a week. Finals left me unprepared, lacking confidence knowing that the pass/fail Italian Romance Musical History auditory test results aligned with my application at Julliard. The second time I was up all night with my roommate who chopped up a psilocybe cubensi mushroom in her tea. I had promised to write her behavior and thoughts into her journal, and as I rode with her imaginative self. I nodded when she asked me to close my eyes with her to identify the hexagon lavender triangles forming a visual dot-to-dot, or follow the cat wearing a rainbow-colored swath of burlap shooting flames, and her fearful warnings to not touch the hanging light-bulb in the kitchen encircled with racing orbs of flickering pink droplets. Last night, six pajama-clad females crammed in my dorm room to celebrate my success in passing my final, my roommates return from a hallucinated state to reality. We planned a binge horror movie party. DVDs were lined up; The Witch, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Don’t Breathe and Hush. Bag of chips were dumped into plastic bags, chocolate candy bars formed a railroad track on my bed, and my bathroom sink was filled with 40 different size energy drinks surrounding a block of dry ice.

Each finished DVD case, was slipped between pillars of energy drinks stacked like aluminum Jenga game. The back of my final’s exam became a score card for the total energy drinks ingested by each individual, each averaged six.

I heard knocking, pounding, heavy breathes. Tapping the empty energy drink to my chest, I recognized my energized heart’s palpitations were announcing  overloaded chambers.


Thank you for reading (and/or participating in) this month's 300 Words, a paragraph prompt challenge featured in our monthly Just Write! enewsletter. If you haven't already, join in the fun and sign up for the Just Write enews so you will always know about our writer groups, resources, classes, activities, and  the like. Tell your friends and write on!


The leaves have started changing color, the breeze has a chill to it, and the holidays are almost here. So for next month's prompt, let's finish - in 300 words or less - the line: 


"There was a new palette of colors swaying in the autumn breeze."


Just email your original response to this line in 300 words or less to Abbie at by October 20th to make the next newsletter and blog post! 


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