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September's Just Write! 300 Words - Paragraph Prompt

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Writing prompt

It's time for another round of 300 Words (a paragraph prompt challenge featured in our monthly Just Write! enewsletter)! Read on to enjoy what creative words flowed from the leading sentence: 


"A chill radiated through my body as the moon slowly engulfed our sun, choking its rays and plunging the day into darkness."



From Patricia:

A chill radiated through my body as the moon slowly engulfed our sun, choking its rays and plunging the day into darkness. A blanket of silence wrapped itself around my bare shoulders, my sandals transforming my celebratory eclipse voice into a respectful cathedral whisper under the moon’s nocturnal cape.  Birds chirps muted, the mascot pond toad’s croak hung in the hushed web, the cotton tails bent by a brushing breeze, became statuesque.

I swore I heard an echoing giggle descending downward and wondered if the moon had teased the sun, brushing itself ever so gently near, tracing a tiny heart on the sun’s surface, whispering its phone number, asking the sun for a date in seven years, complementing the sun on its warmth, informing the sun of worldwide rumors on global warming and slithering sideways exposing the sun’s side as a singular gold tear. Tearfully glancing, the sun watched the long-awaited adoration of the moon drift further away exposing its surface while forgoing any modesty. I heard a high-pitched whistle, dusk’s referee; the screech owl glided its wings a foot from our heads cutting through the darkened shroud. First one bashful chirp was joined by an ensemble of squeaks as the feathered community recovered its confidence, while dim light emerged through the mirror of darkness.  The warming air fanned away the coolness while the tree branches bowed to the breeze. Dropping my blanket, I nodded at the theatrical sky whose rehearsed performance captivated this earthbound ticket holder.


Thank you for reading (and/or participating in) this month's 300 Words, a paragraph prompt challenge featured in our monthly Just Write! enewsletter. If you haven't already, join in the fun and sign up for the Just Write enews so you will always know about our writer groups, resources, classes, activities, and  the like. Tell your friends and write on!


October, and my personal favorite time of year, is just about here! So for next month's prompt, let's finish - in 300 words or less - the line: 


"I woke in the middle of the night, hairs standing on end and in a cold sweat, to a mysterious knocking sound."


Just email your original response to this line in 300 words or less to Abbie at by October 20th to make the next newsletter and blog post! 


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