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Village Books and Paper Dreams Passport

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The cover of our Village Books passport

A wonderful new way to explore our world ... the Village Books and Paper Dreams Passport

Welcome, traveler!

“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”  J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Since its opening in 1980, Village Books and Paper Dreams has become a world unto its own. We created our Passport program to celebrate each corner of our community bookstore and gift shop. The 32-page, whimsical Passport includes a range of experiences that Passport holders will complete to earn prizes, including T-shirts, special discounts, journals, candy, treats at Evolve Chocolate + Café, books, games and more. Each time you complete a task, we'll stamp the page, and you'll earn prizes awarded along the way.  Upon completion of your Passport, you’ll be inducted into our exclusive League of Extraordinary Readers and will receive all the associated honors and glories.

Passports are available for $30 each at our Fairhaven or Lynden stores. 

The Rules

Review each experience in your Passport. As you complete steps along the journey, ask the appropriate associate for a stamp.

Some stamps may require you to purchase an event ticket.

When you get all the stamps for a specific experience, an associate will confirm and award you a prize. Prizes may be redeemed at the Fairhaven or Lynden store.

When you’ve completed your Passport, redeem the grand prize at Village Books and Paper Dreams in Fairhaven. 

As noted within the Passport, certain tasks do not need to be completed to qualify for completion.

Passports do not expire. There is no time limit to complete your Passport. One Passport per person.

Please safely carry and store your Passport. Your original Passport is our only way to validate your progress toward completion. Do your best not to lose it. If you do, each Passport is registered. With proof of identification, we will void the original and will award you a new Passport but you will have to begin your quest anew (and pay a $10 fee to help cover costs). Keep your Passport close to your heart, travelers!

The Passport lists prizes and experiences. Additional exclusive rewards may be communicated to Passport holders. 

Thank you for joining our intrepid band of literary adventurers!