Tue, 03/06/2012 - 7:00pm

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A book for the Ages, a book for all ages. A compilation of wisdom as old as man on earth coupled with the latest in leadership and self-actualization technology. A leader's bible. Lighting Your Own Fuse helps your employees, members, volunteers, team and you understand what is required if you are to prosper in these unprecedented times. Every person you lead, teach, influence, counsel, or supervise should be provided a copy of this remarkable glossary. Steve Tice, a severely wounded Viet Nam war survivor said this about it:

"This is a book aimed at healthy living and written with wisdom, compassion and humor. The world would be so much better off if books such as this were required reading for all citizens, - we would have better insight into ourselves as well as those close to us, then logically expand that respect and care to our communities and onward up the human chain. There is no need for the mean-spiritedness that prevails in our society and in some peoples' hearts. Sadly as a young soldier fighting in Viet Nam then severely injured in May of 1969 in the battle for Hamburger Hill, I witnessed man's inhumanity to man. I have spent my lifetime treading a path out of that mind and body-wounding experience. Macdonald is a person who has apparently seen much in his life. He has set motivation, stimulation, and insight to type and given us concrete choices towards living each day with a renewed faith in ourselves, hope, and the skills to do it. Lighting Your Own Fuse is a guidebook for living with passion and courage rather than with a mindset of anger and lowered self-expectations. I have great appreciation for this book, and for this author putting his heart on the line to help us all gain a leg up in these difficult days."

Mac Alexander Macdonald, corporate trainer, national speaker and motivator brings a wealth of applicable experience to this wonderful book. Combining his many years as a Teamster Supervisor on the Alaskan pipeline, Director of Personnel Development, many years with Boeing, work as an actor in Apocalypse Now, Murder She Wrote, and many television commercials, author and domestic violence counselor, some of the most respected organizations have relied on Mac to enlighten their employees and stimulate their conference attendees.

Village Books is pleased to carry copies of Lighting Your Own Fuse. Please call 360-671-2626 to obtain copies.